The Leadership Development program you offered was spectacular.  Your insight, approach, knowledge, and accessibility made the program real and applicable for our group.  Participants said it was “one of the best” programs they’ve ever attended, and we’ve seen great benefit in how they are approaching their leadership and each other.  You helped take our strong team and make them even stronger.  Incredible.

Ann Kenny
(Former) Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Lifetime TV

Your work has been highly engaging, informative, and professional and has resulted in lasting changes at CEO.  Your personal style is appealing – open, direct, focused, funny – which promotes an environment where employees actively participate and learn quickly.  I am really taken by your ability to control the room, to gain maximum participation from the audience, and not least of all, to connect with us through humor, anecdotes, and just your overall sense of common sense.  Working with Chatsworth has really enabled us to evolve as an organization.  We now have more tools and especially more confidence to do what we have to do to be an exceptional company.  I really recommend Chatsworth Consulting Group highly.

Brad Dudding
Chief Operating Officer
Center for Employment Opportunities

You were extraordinarily in-tune with what I needed throughout our journey – when I needed a push, when I needed clarity, when I needed support, when I needed empathy. Working with you has not only made me better at my management, my leadership and my communication skills – but gave me tools that I use everyday throughout my life and work.

Barbara Cipolla
(Former) Chief Marketing Office Worldwide
OMD, Omnicom Media Group, Inc.

Having you for a coach is like having an angel who whispers “you can do it” in my ear just when I need it. You cheer, inspire, protect, and watch over me. You create an atmosphere that is loving, open, honest, realistic, and allows for growth.

Karen Gusdorf
Art Director/Feng Shui Expert

You are one of the best consultants I have worked with during my twenty-five years of subcontracting experts.  Your extraordinary ability to tailor your work to my organization’s particular needs makes you a welcome addition, and one who is appreciated by staff as well as the agency’s leadership.

Millicent Wassell
State of New Jersey Employment Relations Commission

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a “great job”.  The overall response to our most recent conference was extremely positive.  Due to the fact that you are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and know the difficult situations that women face in today’s workforce, your presentation was right on the money.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.  Thank you again.

Patrice Karlinkski
Managing Director, Institutional Investor Group Sales Tracking

I don’t believe I have the words to describe you.  You were just perfect for our group.  You were energetic, dynamic, straight forward, and downright funny.  You didn’t sugar coat the information you presented.  You presented the information as possibilities and growth opportunities if used correctly.  That was my true “A HA” moment.

Vickie Appleton
Verizon Wireless

My experience with Chatsworth Consulting Group exceeded my expectations on every level. I found my coach to be very accessible, compassionate in her approach/interactions, and yet direct in dealing with complex issues that required resolution and/or immediate solutions. She was able to guide me to find those solutions that not only helped me to become a better leader but also to have a clearer understanding of the overall process of being a better leader. I found a new healthy direction in my leadership to match the growth of the organization. The overall process has provided me with the freedom to ask others to take ownership of goals and measurable outcomes that will provide our organization with a healthy path of growth and development to continue to serve the community. As a founder of this organization there is nothing better than to know that the organization will survive with compassion for the mission and a clear focus on the needs of the community. Without hesitation, I would not only recommend Chatsworth Consulting Group for others, but I would welcome the opportunity to use their services again in the near future.

Ruth Koup
Founder & CEO
Dress for Success South Central PA

Simply put you are a fantastic coach.  I have had the advantage of attending a long list of “best in class” effective leader training programs during my career and felt that I knew all that I needed to know.  None of those courses were as insightful as the help you provided me.  You really helped me understand that no matter how well we “self-evaluate” ourselves and no matter how eager we are to be effective, we all have blind spots.  And those blind spots can really have an impact on how you react to stressful situations, how you perceive what is happening around you, and even how you think.  Thank you for helping me find my blind spots so that I could work to address them!

Jim Tierney
VP Digital Services Applications
VWR International, LLC

You came in and completed a complicated 360° overview of my leadership and organizational structure.  Your care and handling of a sensitive engagement was done with the utmost professionalism and grace. Your insights into my leadership and management style were detailed, wide ranging, and eye opening.  You delivered the good and the tough news clearly, openly, and frankly with a manner that took any hint of my defensiveness out of the equation.  You made it easy for me to listen and really hear what I was doing well and what I was screwing up. You helped me lead effective change in work place relationships and in overall attitude moving forward.

Working with Chatsworth Consulting was really a great experience.  They made a material difference in my company, our post purchase outcome, and in my personal growth as a CEO and a leader. I would recommend them extremely highly and hire them again and again.

Richy Glassberg
(Former) Chief Executive Officer

I have worked with Chatsworth over the past 10 years or so, and every time I engage with them, whether it be with me personally or for a team member, they always provide incredibly valuable insight and actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately.  They have delivered excellent results for individual as well as group projects in what are generally complex and challenging situations.

Michael Wilbert
Senior Vice President, Sales
Reliance Standard Life Insurance

Thank you for the Career Development program you offered our Vice Presidents here at Citigroup. You managed to bring what normally can be a dull, routine event to life. You engaged the group and offered them tangible, real-world ideas and suggestions – our VP’s are charged and excited now about doing their best in their current positions while they also prepare wisely for their future career at Citigroup. You were great to work with and completely responsive to our changing needs. I would easily and wholeheartedly recommend you as someone who knows her stuff, successfully engages her audience, and offers a value-packed session that gets people thinking, feeling, and most importantly, doing!

Audrey Graber
(Former) Vice President, Training-Human Resources

Chatsworth Consulting Group has been an invaluable resource to our leadership team by providing coaching, guidance, and consulting at multiple levels.  The Executive Coaching provided to each member of the team (including myself) has helped us to carefully examine our leadership styles and impact; better articulate our priorities; and accomplish significant results.  We have grown as both individuals and as a team as a result of our work with Chatsworth Consulting Group.

Karin Hurt
(Former) Director, Enterprise Solutions Human Resources, Enterprise Customer Service
Potomac Verizon

I want to thank you for the work you’ve done with BMS – as I’ve said many, many times, the Chatsworth team and your unique approach are infectious, inspiring, and effective.  Not only do you provide us with amazing approaches and solutions for our organizational challenges, but all your suggestions are customized to meet the needs of our organization, and where implemented, really make a difference!  We walk away from your sessions excited about seeing things differently, doing things in new ways, and armed with the tools and skills to succeed.  You “get” us, and you get us going. We love working with you!

Katherine A. Golar, M.D.
(Former) Medical Director/Chief Medical Officer
Brownsville Multi-Service Family Health Center

Working with Chatsworth Consulting was great because they really delved into our culture.  Participants really felt that it wasn’t off the shelf, that it was meaningful, and that they weren’t trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  That is what differentiates Chatsworth Consulting from other organizations.  They really do care about getting to know your organization.  I would absolutely recommend them, specifically for any other entertainment companies, and most importantly any company where the real importance is actually effecting change and being able to pass along some skills and techniques that can help people change.

Nicole Zussman
(Former) Vice President of Human Resources
World Wrestling Entertainment

The partners complement each other well and, are respectful of the others yet able to bring critical and varied perspectives to their work.  They came to know New Leaders quickly and deeply, and they were highly adept at asking framing questions and in getting us to think differently than we had before.  They clearly brought deep experience across HR and OE, and as a result, they were able to more creatively and effectively solve critical problems.  They had strong voices and pushed us where they felt it was appropriate to do so.  They were strategic and broad-minded, while understanding the need to manage details and even individuals, and they spoke with a clear confidence that was reassuring to us, particularly when we were in uncharted territories.  Their firm grip on the issues and needs was remarkable, and we always felt supported.  Not to mention, too, but they approach their work with a sense of humor, and in many cases, that was as important as their targeted input.

The highest compliment I can give them is that when their work with New Leaders was complete, they left us in a far better place than when they found us.  I have worked with several consulting firms throughout my career, and I’ve been a consultant myself.  A differentiating factor for Chatsworth is that they knew and understood our organization’s context.  Their solutions were not off the shelf and generic – they were highly configured thoughts and insights gained from doing effective diagnostic work in many organizations for many years.  Their work was targeted and valid, and enabled our work to drive organizational results.  When a consulting firm or its consultants can link their work that clearly to an organization’s outcomes, they are earning every cent they charge and adding value in every way possible.

Chatsworth Consulting Group was instrumental in helping us frame and execute a comprehensive Organizational Effectiveness (OE) strategy by providing best practices, tactical support, issues and planning framing, and specific support with critical blocks of work.  Their advice was rock-solid, meaningful, and most importantly, right every time.

Chip Ross
(Former) Executive Director
New Leaders

I could have stayed in your session all day.  I learned so much about myself, my strengths, and more importantly, the areas where I can improve. You were inspiring, energetic, and very down to earth.

Sylvia McKinney
Dress for Success San Diego

We hired Chatsworth Consulting Group to help us develop a strategic plan, but we ended up with so much more.  With your guidance, we sharpened the vision for our communications work and are well on the way to building a collaborative and empathetic working environment.  The activities you led gave us moments of success as a team, which, as one employee put it, “became a muscle memory you can return to in real-life circumstances.”  Back in the office, we now better understand the needs, work styles, and strengths of each other, which means we’re more open to sharing resources and expertise in our daily work.  Best of all, we’ve put into practice an “all-hands-on-deck” mentality – allowing us to become even more nimble in our media and web work and better able to aggressively engage in rapid response when ACLU issues enter the news cycle.  Your calm, thoughtful style put us at ease from day one, and your dynamic facilitating and coaching kept us challenged throughout the process.  If you’re looking for inspired, transformational team building – you needn’t look further than Chatsworth.

Marsha Zeesman
Deputy Director of Communications
American Civil Liberties Union

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