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Bounce off your bottom

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” ~George Patton I’ve had some bottoms. And I haven’t liked them. Not while they were going on. But, aside from the bottoms that are too close for me to have an objective point of view, I can look back at nearly all...

Managing yourself out of the picture

I often counsel my clients to make themselves dispensable. They often question me when I suggest that, but I mean it. Part of a leader’s or manager’s role is to make sure that their team can survive without them – to manage themselves out of the picture. Now, you...

Caution: Don’t ask if you won’t act

The phrase, “Feedback is a gift,” is so true. Without it, many of us would walk around completely clueless about what our true strengths are, what we suck at, and what impact our behaviors are having on other people. And without feedback, we may not be able to make...

Beware of groupthink

“When all think alike, no one thinks very much.” ~Walter Lippman One of my clients was complaining about her work team during our session. I usually don’t let my clients complain for very long, as I’ve found that it never really accomplishes very much, but this time I...

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