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How to have more impact

How to have more impact

"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." ~Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson had an impact on a lot of lives. We are, by our very nature of being human, self-centered beings. Our minds are made to focus on, and take care of, ourselves. We are...

Leap out of your comfort zone

Leap out of your comfort zone

This earlier post from our blog in some ways seems off topic right now, but in some ways it also seems right on. Now is a time to leap – and charge – out of our comfort zones. To take action to bring forth the reality we want. Talking and dreaming only will not get us...

Black Lives Matter

From Robyn: As a mother of two black men and grandmother of two black boys, the events of the last week and a half have been heart wrenching, painful and terrifying. From Lisa: As a person who is not of color, I am heartbroken at the systemic racism in our country and...

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