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Our team of professional speakers and facilitators can bring energy and excitement to your next meeting or conference. We provide full-day and half-day programs as well as keynote speaking services. View our speaker bios here.

You may choose from any of the following sample topics or we can customize a presentation to suit your organization’s individual needs:

  • Re-Engaging Employees In The Face Of Change

    Restructurings, cutbacks and other changes have been a reality for most organizations over the past few years. And in times of change, employee engagement and trust can erode. Employees may question the direction of the organization, lose faith in leadership, or feel a loss for how things used to be. As leaders look ahead toward growth and greater stability in their organizations, it is essential to understand the needs and perspectives of employees, focus on rebuilding trust, and take action to get employees fully engaged in the successful future of the organization. This interactive session will explore how change impacts an organization and its people, and will offer tools and strategies for leading through change, communicating with employees, and bolstering employee engagement.

  • Ending Leadership Frenzy – The Power Of Thoughtful Leadership

    Back-to-back meetings, deadlines, email – today’s employees and leaders are overwhelmed. Success comes from being more thoughtful – that is, stepping back when necessary and practicing self-reflection, asking questions to dig deeper, and thinking through ideas and solutions rather than staying stuck in leadership frenzy. All this allows individuals to generate greater results. Leadership frenzy is a common affliction of organizations. All employees, from line workers to organizational leaders, find it more and more difficult to devote the necessary time to thinking strategically, spending time on important long-term matters and truly leading those around them. Thoughtful Leadership is a concept that challenges today’s constant fast-paced environment and invites leaders to take time out for thought and reflection, thereby yielding greater success and results. This interactive session will offer participants awareness around the necessity to approach life and work more thoughtfully, as well as skills and tools with which to do so.

  • Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    The comfort zone is that safe, sure place where we have mastered our responsibilities and operate in what we know. Research suggests that optimal productivity and creativity takes place when we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone into territory that has greater ambiguity and challenge, but many of us have a reluctance to step into areas that we don’t know as well. This limits our abilities to easily adapt, address new customer requirements, and effectively lead. This interactive session is designed to awaken participants to the importance of staying current and relevant in their professional and personal lives, as it explores pitfalls of the comfort zone, expands participants’ ability to succeed in a state of discomfort or uncertainty, and offers ways to adapt thinking and lead more effectively. By allowing participants to become more comfortable with being in a state of discomfort and/or ambiguity as they gain new knowledge and learn new skills, this session offers the tools and attitudes necessary for participants to step out of their comfort zone and into new areas of knowledge, skill and leadership.

  • Strategies For Creating Balance For The Life & Career You Want

    Balance is something that many of us struggle with, want more of, and desire to better manage and achieve. There simply is not enough time to do everything we feel we have to or want to do, and we wonder how to juggle it all and handle our competing priorities. This interactive session helps you achieve your own balance by putting you first, debunking the myths about balance and offering insight and specific tips to help you manage your time and energy in order to find your sense of balance, thereby freeing you to accomplish and enjoy the things that matter to you most.

  • Focusing On You: Creating Your Personal Leadership Vision

    This interactive session is about focusing on you – your personal growth, career, leadership and fulfillment. For many of us, you comes last, but it’s important to think, and plan, through who you want to be and how you want to lead. This highly interactive session will energize you and help you focus on your personal and professional development. Through visioning exercises, assessments and individual reflection, you will create your personal vision; assess your values, strengths and development areas; and set goals for an even stronger future.

  • Doing More With The Time You Have

    We all talk about managing our time, and getting more done, but the reality is there are only twenty-four hours in the day, every day. And even with our best intentions, many of us find ourselves behind the eight-ball and scrambling to accomplish everything on our to-do list. This interactive session offers ten key tips to getting ahead of the eight ball and managing yourself, your actions, and your attitudes to help you learn to do more with the twenty-four hours per day that you have.