We help senior leaders and teams step back from their day-to-day frenzy to see and do things differently.


We help senior leaders and teams step back from their day-to-day frenzy to see and do things differently.

Meet The Team

We’ve sat in your seat. We’ve been leaders, and now we coach leaders. We have the experience and expertise needed to quickly grasp a situation, challenge assumptions and choices, and bring credible, fresh ideas to the table.


Lisa Kohn

Lisa Kohn is an accomplished leadership consultant, executive coach, author, and keynote speaker with a strong business background and a creative approach.  She has over 20 years of experience partnering with Fortune 500 clients in areas of leadership, communication styles, managing change, interpersonal and team dynamics, and strategy, as well as life balance and fulfillment.  Lisa’s latest book is her memoir to the moon and back: a childhood under the influence (September 2018, Heliotrope Books).

Lisa works with organizations across a broad range of industries.  She has consulted with leaders in companies such as Verizon, World Wrestling Entertainment, Citigroup, New York City Department of Education, American Civil Liberties Union, and Comcast.  Lisa brings a unique perspective to her clients that transforms the way organizations develop and manage their people, and the way leaders fulfill their roles.  By emphasizing the importance of thoughtful, intentional leadership, she helps clients to not only dig down deep to uncover issues and implement real changes, but also to successfully communicate with others to ensure the changes stick.

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Robyn McLeod

After many years of successfully leading large operations teams and small specialty teams to greater results, Robyn McLeod began working with organizations and sharing her expertise in leadership and team development, as a consultant, coach, speaker and author. Through her work as an organizational development consultant, Robyn partners with senior executives as they focus on building and supporting high-performing managers, leaders, teams and organizations.

A foundation of her work is the belief that strong leaders and managers create an environment that engages, challenges and develops employees who in turn provide world-class service and experiences to customers. Robyn works with clients to address their needs in the areas of organizational effectiveness; leadership development; change management; strategic communications and thinking; and people management and team building.

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Strategic Partner

Jennifer Bezoza

Jennifer Bezoza is a leadership coach who works with executives and emerging leaders to hone and leverage their individual leadership style and strengths.  Optimistic, caring and positive, while also structured, direct and results-oriented, Jennifer supports her clients in gaining greater self-awareness, enhancing their leadership mindset and gaining concrete progress and results with desired leadership and professional goals.  Jennifer’s passion is helping individuals to thrive as leaders in organizations.  Having served in a number of human capital roles at organizations, such as GE Commercial Finance, Towers Perrin, Advisory Board Company, and the Visiting Nurse Service of NY, Jennifer has led large-scale employee engagement and culture initiatives, and also high potential development programs.

Jennifer works with key organizational stakeholders and coaching clients to outline concrete goals and desired results at the outset of the coaching relationship.  A typical engagement begins by gathering feedback about strengths and development opportunities through a 360 process as well as a few selected psychological assessments.  This leads into awareness-raising and more refined process of goal setting and the creation of a development plan with concrete strategies, actions and desired results.  An engagement ranges between six months and eight months.  Jennifer often alternates in her role within a given conversation or engagement between a trusted advisor that engages alongside with clients in leadership and business challenges to a facilitative guide, where she facilitates client’s own learning through an expansive process of inquiry, to finally being a skill building trainer, where she supports clients in acquiring new techniques and approaches for greater effectiveness at work.

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Strategic Partner

Rosy Elliott

Rosy Elliott, PCC, MSed is a certified professional coach through the International Coach Federation and has over 10 years of experience providing leadership coaching and development across multiple industries. Rosy is known for coaching leaders and organizations to identify their unique spark, align with their purpose and commit to their potential. Her style is engaging, fun, and challenging – inspiring growth and in-the-bones learning. She is passionate about human potential and the magic that can happen in groups when people are firing on all cylinders.

Rosy has completed rigorous training with the Center for Right Relationship and incorporates a systems approach to team development. Recent and current clients include: IKEA, prAna, International Coach Federation, Philadelphia, Cardone Industries, and Endo Pharmaceuticals. Rosy is on the faculty of the Habit Change Company and Maryland University of Integrative Health, both are ICF accredited coach training programs. She is also facilitator of the Coach Approach – a comprehensive training for managers who want to add coaching to their management tool kit.

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Strategic Partner

Bob Isaacson

Bob’s “a sort of Mr. Fix-It for business problems,” according to a client. He has over 30 years of experience with C-level officers, corporate executives, management teams, and business owners – helping them become powerful, results-oriented, and empathic leaders and team builders.

Bob specializes in resolving high profile situations where there are strong emotions, high stakes, and different ideas about how things ought to be done. “He has a gift in helping people resolve conflict, achieve consensus, and agree on ways to move forward. His ability to listen in a deep way, to find win-win solutions, and to help negotiate through thorny problems is critical to individual and company success,” according to a senior executive.

Bob takes a unique approach to the work, with his background in behavioral healthcare and clinical social work. Using the power of Emotional Intelligence and motivational psychology, he helps clients get to the deeper issues and challenges. He taps into their motivation and creates a turning point to move them forward to get practical business results, pure and simple.

Bob has high-level business experience as the former co-owner and president of Access Behavioral Care, a healthcare provider network in Philadelphia. He is an adjunct professor in Immaculata University’s Organizational Leadership graduate program and at Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Work & Social Research.

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Strategic Partner

Katrina Lempenski

Katrina Lempenski is an accomplished consultant, executive coach and leadership trainer who ignites the growth of high-performing people.  With a 15-year economic development and business background, she has advised leaders of cities, states, countries and companies, such as Goldman Sachs, Nielsen, NBC, and Women Deliver, plus such Governments as Australia, Japan, New York City, Pennsylvania, Portugal, Texas and Wales.

Driven by the human side of business, Katrina partners with introspective professionals who want to increase their effectiveness and performance excellence while operating authentically.  Her blended Economics and Positive Psychology experience forms her unique interdisciplinary approach to leadership work.  With a globally comprehensive viewpoint on development growth, she believes in the importance of using resilience based leadership as an intentional asset.  Her self-reliance based advisory instills lasting change impact that equally benefits both professional and employer with commitment and respect.

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Strategic Partner

Jackie Lesser

Jackie Lesser is a leadership pioneer, shape shifter, game changer and guide who inspires the inspirers. She dedicates herSelf to collaborating and co creating with those who feel the call to BE fully aligned with their true nature and their compelling picture of the future in the present moment.. Jackie utilizes coaching skills, guidance, support and her vast inventory of transformational tools to support 21st century leaders in their journey of pure potential.

With over 25 years of industry experience Jackie applies the collective wisdom and brings strong insight into human behavior and the tools necessary for successful and positive change. Jackie is dedicated to working with those who are ready for conscious and intentional change to clarify their vision, connect with it, and create actionable items that result in sustainable growth and unprecedented profitability.

Formerly with the Judge Group, a nationally recognized staffing and consulting firm, Jackie held various sales and leadership positions using her coaching skills to maximize human potential. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Drexel University with a concentration in Human Resources Management. A graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, Jackie is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

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Strategic Partner

Cheryl Rice

Cheryl Rice is a seasoned leadership coach, consultant, author and speaker. She has been working with clients to improve individual, team and executive performance since 1990. She works with high performing managers eager to enhance their leadership impact. Cheryl has a special expertise in working with women leaders in one-on-one coaching and group coaching formats.

Cheryl works with leaders to help them identify their vision, find their authentic leadership voice and apply both towards achieving organizational goals and personal satisfaction. With her keen perception, empathy and passion for growth, Cheryl inspires her clients to: take thoughtful risks in order to stretch and inspire others; claim and capitalize on their inherent leadership strengths in service of the organization; and bring a humane and holistic perspective to their work, their lifestyle, and the people they lead.

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Strategic Partner

Mary Ann Singer

Mary Ann Singer has 20 years of diversified experience leading teams and individuals to reach their potential. She specializes in leadership, communication, team building, customer service and strategic visioning.

As a coach, Mary Ann works with individuals to:

  • Focus, prioritize and find balance in their lives
  • Improve relationships and strengthen teams
  • Feel more confident and powerful
  • Grow their business
  • Set a vision for their lives and their organization and implement action

Mary Ann was a commercial real estate professional for over 17 years and was honored as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women in 2000. She is certified in several behavioral assessments as well as the Disney Approach to Quality Service program and “To Lead Is To Serve.”

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Client Service Manager

Cheryl Almstrom

Cheryl Almstrom is an energetic and cheerful professional who brings a wealth of managerial and administrative experience to Chatsworth Consulting Group. Her dedication to customer service, professionalism and virtual business technology provides a solid foundation for handling day-to-day client management.

Cheryl has held key professional roles in a variety of fields including manufacturing, higher education and as a business entrepreneur. She is proficient in office management, bookkeeping and a broad range of software applications. As a champion multi-tasker, she enjoys taking on a wide array of projects, and most enjoys her daily interaction with colleagues and clients.

An active member of her church, Cheryl has held several leadership positions and has developed and organized community-involved mission projects.

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Business Manager

Melody Bridgewater

Melody Bridgewater is an experienced, virtual administrative professional with more than 35 years of administrative and executive assistance experience.

She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. After graduating from Azusa Pacific University with a BA in Music Theory, Performance, and Education, she discovered her passion for all things technical.

Since then, she has gained ongoing experience while being employed by the world’s largest telecommunications company, one of the United States’ largest magazine publishers, and one of Colorado’s most successful real estate development companies.

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Client Service Manager

Robbin Miller

Robbin Miller is a virtual administrative professional with over 25 years of administrative and client management experience. Her excellent communication and organizational skills provide a solid foundation for handling day-to-day client management.

Robbin is able to leverage her strong technical aptitude to create processes that are simple and effective. She is proficient in office management, client support and many software applications.

Robbin has a love for travel and is an avid reader.  You can usually find her immersed in a book or planning her next adventure.

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