We coach our clients to be action-oriented, self-aware leaders who engage and collaborate across organizational functions and hierarchy.

Coaching Forward

Were you just promoted or put in charge of a new team? Maybe you’re looking for a stronger leadership presence. Do you need help building and fixing relationships, especially with your boss? We partner with clients, helping them become more effective in their current roles, more focused on their unique development needs, and more able to fulfill their personal and professional goals.

Potential Focus Areas

  • Strengthening leadership skills and approaches
  • Developing greater self-awareness
  • Preparing for specific situations or events
  • Leading teams to greater success
  • Addressing professional and personal self-defeating habits
  • Building effective, powerful relationships
  • Managing time – and work – to have space to be more strategic and do what really needs to get done
  • Deciphering how to choose the best option(s)
  • Determining the ideal future and how best to get there


The Chatsworth Consulting Executive Coaching Program guides key employees toward maximizing their strengths and challenges them to move farther with confidence.

Project Kickoff Meeting

We meet with clients, immediate supervisors, and any others deemed appropriate to define initial objectives for coaching.

360° Feedback Assessments

We offer online and interview 360° feedback to provide clients with a fuller sense of the perspectives and needs of those around them.

Action Plan Development

We work with clients to develop an appropriate action plan to address coaching objectives and focus areas.

Virtual and In-Person Coaching

Our Executive Coaching program includes two coaching sessions per month, at least half of which are extended in-person sessions when possible.

Mid-Point Check-Ins

We meet with immediate supervisor(s) or others deemed appropriate to check in on the coaching and modify going forward as necessary.


We recommend personal assessments that offer greater insight for the client and add value to the coaching.

Unlimited Access

We offer 24/7 email and telephone availability for our clients.

Extended In-Person Observations

We offer shadow coaching to see clients in action with direct reports, colleagues, etc.

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