We are dedicated to helping our clients better their organizations and their lives. We know that a culture of increased employee engagement and thoughtful, intentional leadership propels positive outcomes.

Driving Results

For more than 20 years we have helped leaders, teams, and organizations drive results through a focus on THOUGHTFUL LEADERSHIP — being present and fully engaged, intentional and purposeful, and authentic. Today, leaders are called upon to do more with fewer resources and not enough time. Thoughtful Leadership helps leaders and their teams pause, reflect, and plan, so they can pro-actively — instead of reactively — approach issues with purpose and a keen focus on the big picture.

Outward Perspective

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ organizations yet maintain an outside, objective perspective. This builds the trust our clients need to feel supported and enables us to offer viewpoints and expertise that move our clients forward.

Relevant and Practical

We provide models, theories, and best practices, but, more importantly, we create customized solutions that are real and practical. We aim to be a thought partner for our clients — sitting on the same side of the table, drawing out answers, and offering insight.



Data-Driven and Focused

Using tools such as 360° feedback assessments, leadership and team surveys, and our own Organizational Effectiveness Assessment™ (OEA), we draw out what is working for and against our clients, so they can build on their strengths and address their challenges.

Tailored Approach

We provide solutions that are tailored to our clients and their specific situations. The approaches we use and skills we share are chosen because they work best within the culture and circumstances. Our work is not off-the-shelf, and our clients can tell.

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