“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
~Lolly Daskal

Much has been written about finding ourselves. About figuring out what makes us tick and what fuels us. About figuring out who we really are.

I think Lolly Daskal has a point. Life is actually more about creating who we want to be.

As coaches, it is such a gift to partner with and support our clients as they go about creating themselves. To help them ask questions they’ve maybe never allowed themselves to ask, such as, “What do I want?” and to answer questions they’ve never even considered, such as, “How can I be my best self?” and “What is my best self?”

There are limitless possibilities of all we can learn and how we can grow. There are endless opportunities to open our minds, hearts, and souls to more and different. There are boundless options of the paths we can take and the choices we can make.

Sometimes in those conversations, our clients go even deeper and farther in the task of creating themselves. Of choosing the life they want to lead, the way they want to lead, and who and how they want to be.

Each day, each moment, each interchange with another person is another chance to create myself. To find and figure out who I want to be and how I want to live and lead, and to creating that.

How have you created yourself to be who you want to be?
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