“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
~Nelson Mandela

I’ve shared this quote with clients a lot recently. So many of my clients seem to be at a point of decision or choice, or at the beginning of a new chapter that seems daunting – albeit maybe exciting – to them. That seems, perhaps, impossible.

Many things can seem impossible – or at least really, really hard – until we get through them. Many things can seem like we don’t have the resources or the strength, or we don’t know what we need to know – and don’t even know what we need to know. Many things can seem insurmountable and can cause us to give up before we’ve even started.

But many things aren’t impossible or insurmountable, and the only way we’ll know is when we’re through them.

The only way we’ll know if we have what it takes to take on the tough project is if we try (and don’t give up). The only way we’ll know if we can right the wrongs we see before us is if we keep trying, and trying, and sometimes trying again. Many people would say that Nelson Mandela accomplished the impossible. Where would the world be if he had given up?

We have to have faith in where we’re aiming and why we’re aiming there. We have to build a reserve for when the going gets tough, and we have to be willing to hold on to our conviction and our hope. We may have to strengthen ourselves so that we have what we need to keep going when we need it.

And then we have to remember that it always seems impossible until it’s done.

What has seemed impossible to you until it was done?
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