“We cannot climb up a rope that is attached only to our own belt.”
~William Ernest Hocking

The other day I noticed that all of my coaching calls seemed to have a theme. Each of my clients shared with me something that was going on for them that was tough. Some had challenging issues at work, some at home – but there was a constant theme that coursed through all of the conversations.

All of my clients were convinced that as tough as things seemed for them, they had to face it alone. They explained that asking for help was admitting weakness or lack of clarity. They were somehow convinced that everyone (including me) would think less of them if they couldn’t make it through on their own.

This is just one of the ways we lie to ourselves and keep ourselves from truly connecting with other people (and usually from succeeding as well). Reality is, once again, the complete opposite. It is often by reaching out to others for guidance, support, assistance – whatever – that we show our strength and reach our goal.

We cannot climb up a rope that is attached only to ourselves. We need the rope anchored somewhere above us, towards our goal, and we need someone to belay us – to anchor us, protect us, and cheer us on. It is never a weakness to seek support; it is a strength.

Where are you trying to go it alone? Whom can you turn to for support?
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