Everyone I talk to is a bit antsy. We all hold out hope that 2022 is going to be “the year” – our year out of the pandemic; our year to be freer, kinder, and less stressed; our year to appreciate and count our blessings. But yet, we know that we are not out of the woods yet and we are all dealing with cautiously moving ahead – with travel, with office openings, with gatherings, with getting back to “normal” (whatever that is!)

Everyone I talk to wants to inject more fun in their lives after a very heavy two years. While my word for 2022 is FOCUS, my focus includes fun – focusing on the things that bring me joy and finding fun in the simple things – whether it’s game night with my extended family, bird watching in the park, or looking at old photo albums.

A colleague shared this article about the importance of having fun and prioritizing fun now. It talks about how playfulness, connection and flow are the three keys to improving your mood and mental health and outlines four steps to having more fun: Cut down on “fake” fun, Find your “fun magnets,” Put fun on your calendar, and Find fun in small doses.

Here are a few more steps I would also add:

  • Gather your “fun partners” – Whether at home or at work, we know the people who help make things fun. They lighten the mood, make us smile and laugh, and are down for anything. Connect or reconnect with those folks and leave the Debbie Downers aside for now. Once they see you having fun, they may join after all.
  • Redefine fun – Things that we may have taken for granted in the past, might just be a lot of fun now. I had breakfast at a diner with my dad and sister today – and it was fun! We laughed, had a chance to see a few people we had not seen in two years, and enjoyed our “usual” orders.
  • Bring fun to those who need it most – While we want to hang out with our “fun partners,” we also can be stewards of fun. Think about the people in your life who have not had an easy go of it, who may feel isolated still, or who are just plain down in the dumps. How can you bring a little fun to them? Maybe invite them for a walk in the park or a socially-distanced lunch. Think about the elderly neighbor who might appreciate some home-baked cookies or a brief visit. Or the young family member who could use an afternoon of shopping or exploring. How can you bring some fun to someone in need of fun?

Let’s all aim for a bit more fun for 2022 – and hope the universe answers.

How are you having more fun these days?
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