“If a man carries his own lantern, he need not fear darkness.”
~Hasidic saying

My daughter used to get upset by very many things – big and little, scary and maybe less so. She used to go off a cliff it seemed, into endless darkness of negative thoughts and scary outcomes.

Then she learned to find the “white light” within herself. She learned to get quiet, look inside, and see the glowing brightness of safety, love, compassion, peace – whatever she was missing in the moment. She found the way to shine her internal light on the encroaching darkness, enough that she could realize that there really was nothing to fear and generally nothing about which to be so upset.

When we can all find our own light – of truth, peace, surety, calmness, or clarity – again, whatever we are lacking in the moment, we can handle any darkness. We can conquer our fears of upcoming doom, deal with an irrational boss or client, smooth out misunderstandings with colleagues and loved ones, or simply walk through our own self-doubt and self-criticism. We have nothing to fear when we carry our light with us and know how to light the lantern and let it shine.

The next time you find yourself afraid of the dark, look inside to find your own internal lantern and let it shine away the darkness.

What is your light? How can you let it shine?
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