“If you’re not drowning, you’re a lifeguard.”
~Seth Godin

Again, now is hard. And again, we’re all in this together.

So, Seth Godin is quite right. If you’re not drowning right now, you are someone who can help others around you who are floundering.

Over and over clients ask me how to best support their teams. Take turns holding each other up, I often suggest.

So many coaching calls begin with, “I don’t know how to lead through all of this.”

“Of course, you don’t,” I generally answer (supportive coach that I am). “Now is hard. And being a leader now is even harder. (And being an HR leader is maybe even harder than that.)

And then I add that one of the main things that they can do – to be a powerful, Thoughtful leader – is to help their team learn how to keep each other afloat. And buoyed. (And any other water-related metaphor.).

We all have something to offer others, and we all have times when we need others. Each day I ask myself, “whom can I give love and support to?” and “what kind of support and care do I need, and whom can I get it from?”

It’s the best way I have found to get through each day. As we’ve said before, now is hard and we do all have to work together to get through as best we can.

So, if you’re not drowning, be a lifeguard. And if you are drowning, ask for help.

How have you been a lifeguard to others? What kind of help do you need?
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