“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”
~Julia Child

I often tell people that when I’m working, I never want to stop and when I’m not working, I never want to start. So, I either have figured it out, or I’m maybe certifiable.

People laugh, and I know I’m lucky. I’m lucky that my work is something that thrills me and fuels me. That it’s something I’m passionate about.

When we’re passionate about what we’re doing, we most likely show up as our most creative, excited selves. Which is a wonderful thing.

But sometimes finding that passion can be difficult.

Sometimes we’re lucky enough to stumble on it. I somehow convinced a boss many, many years ago to send me for an Executive MBA at Columbia University, where I not only met my business partner, but I discovered and fell in love with organizational and leadership development.

Sometimes we’re lucky that someone suggests something to us, and it lights us up. Also many, many years ago, people used to tell me that I should write a memoir. I sat down one day and started, and lo and behold, I LOVE to write. My memoir (to the moon and back) was published in 2018, and lo and behold, I LOVE to speak about it and to share the message of hope that I think it brings.

Sometimes we’re lucky that digging into what’s in front of us can ignite a passion or reveal a talent. It was a client for whom I was leading a team building event, who said to me, “I want to be you. Do you coach?” that launched me on the journey to become a certified coach.

And sometimes, as leaders, we get to help those around us find their passions. We get to suggest ideas, to encourage exploration, to point someone – hopefully – the right direction.

We are so fortunate when we love what we do. When we live our passion. So, find your passion – and encourage those around you to find theirs.

And keep tremendously interested in it.

What are you passionate about and how do you live it?
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