“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.”
~George Lorimer

The three tenets of Thoughtful Leadership are to be present, be intentional, and be authentic. I try to live by all three of these, as much as possible. And when I forget, I try to live by them again.

Recently I’ve been focusing even more on “intentional.” I’m working to be more mindful and present, to pay attention to my moments and to what I want from the moments.

I wake up each morning (most mornings) and remind myself – before or as I get out of bed – that “today will be a wonderful day.”

I’m not sure this is what George meant by getting up every morning with determination, but as someone whose problem has never really been not having enough determination (and as someone who coaches way too many leaders who are overflowing with determination), I find that what makes my days and moments best is the “determination” to let them be wonderful.

As I say to myself, “today will be a wonderful day,” I feel myself lighten inside and I feel a smile on my face, even before I think about it. Even before my feet hit the floor. And when we smile, our brain thinks we’re happy, so we feel happier. The simple act of reminding myself that “today will be a wonderful day,” has already made my day more wonderful.

Yes, it’s also important to know our goals and the steps we need to take to achieve them. To set out our next moves and to be determined to move forward. But one of the most powerful steps I’ve taken – that’s worked for my clients who have tried it out as well – is to set my determination to have a wonderful day (and at the end of the day, acknowledge what was wonderful), so I can hold it with appreciation, gratitude, and satisfaction.

What makes your days more satisfying?
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