“Time spent laughing is time spent with the Gods.”

Honestly, I believe we can never spend enough time laughing. Laughter eases tough situations, lightens burdens, and improves relationships. It allows us to step out of our own perspective and to see the good in a situation. It gives us the opportunity to let go of our burdens and relax.

Research has shown that our minds react to what our bodies do. We may think we smile and laugh because we’re in a good mood, which is true. However, we also get in a better mood whenever we laugh and smile. Our brain notices our laughter and assumes that we’re laughing because we feel good…and therefore we start to feel good. What a cheap, easy way to make things better.

When I’m in the midst of an argument (or a “discussion”) with someone, I’ve found that laughter can ease the tension. As long as we’re laughing together, and not at each other, laughter helps us feel like we’re on the same side. It helps us see the situation as potentially win/win versus win/lose. When my daughter is struggling through a challenge at school, she sometimes gets lost in the issue with no way out. When she remembers to laugh, she finds release…and often a solution. When my colleagues are miserable about situations at the office, at home, or in the world in general, laughter alleviates their misery, at least for awhile, and offers them an opportunity to play…with the Gods.


Where can you laugh more?
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