“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”
~Abraham Lincoln

Many times I’ve written of taking your time, sitting things out, pausing to reflect, not rushing in haste…all of these are important. There are also times to be the one to hustle – to take the action, make the decision, stand up and move forward. To be the one who gets things done.

The other day a client was talking through his most recent dilemma. He had a huge choice to make for his team (and potentially his career), and he was unsure which path to choose. There was a great opportunity to take on a difficult project, but he was hesitant as to whether the project would be successful, as well as whether he and his team were up for the challenge.

I often do counsel my clients to wait things out if they’re unsure, at least at first, but there are times when waiting for certainty is potentially a guise for “analysis paralysis.” There are times when it is important, if not essential, to simply make a choice and move forward…and then do what it takes to make the choice “right” both in your thoughts and in your actions. I’ve witnessed clients, colleagues, my children, and myself get lost in needing to have the perfect answer before we can move forward. I’ve witnessed wasted energy and emotion, as well as lost opportunities.

This is, unfortunately, what happened to my client. While he waited for certainty, the project was awarded to his colleague – who proceeded to excel. My client, this time, lost the opportunity, simply because he wasn’t willing to hustle.

Choose a situation where you’re waiting and waiting, and determine what it might mean if you were to hustle. Try it and see what happens.

Where in your life and/or work do you need to hustle? Where do you need to wait?
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