“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.”
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

There will be disappointing times and happenings in life – life is made up of a mixture of good and bad. I’ve found that what is important, in the midst of all of this, is to keep hope alive. Hope gives us light in the darkness and energy to keep going.

The other day I was interviewed by a reporter who was writing an article about how best to find a job after being laid off by. We talked about many specific skills and tasks, and then we hit what I believe to be, in many ways, at the core of the issue. “It’s important to not lose hope, to stay as positive as one can. It’s important to build practices and support systems to help keep hope alive,” I shared. “An attitude of possibilities and a strong attachment to hope helps many people get through the challenge of looking.”

As a coach and consultant I am blessed to stand by my clients as they walk through many, many challenges. I have witnessed the strength-giving influence of infinite hope. I have seen clients who could have easily walked away in despair and disgust hold onto their hope and find a path out of their troubles. I have seen others who get lost in their despair and are more beaten down by the disappointments and struggles they face on their way.

“Hope springs eternal.” “Hope saves the day.” There is a reason why we are surrounded with pithy sayings that emphasize the importance of optimism. An attitude of hope and positive expectations of the future, even in the midst of struggle, can help us “keep the faith” long enough to emerge on the other side.

Imagine the positive possibilities that surround you – even in your most challenging situation. Let yourself keep hopeful that one, or some, of these are probable.

Where are you losing hope? How can you keep infinite hope?
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