We are all being stretched and stressed in so many ways during this time. For those who have lost loved ones, friends, or colleagues to COVID-19, or who have fallen ill or watched others get sick and recover, it is an especially painful and anxious time.

As I connect (and reconnect) with friends, family, and new acquaintances, one common theme I am hearing is reflection – taking time to think about, wonder, imagine, plan, assess, and express hope about your life, your work, the past, the future, yourself, and those around you. This imposed stillness and slowing down has given many of us space to practice self-reflection. It is a good habit at any time, and if you are not prone to practice it normally, this is an opportune time to begin to lock it in as a regular practice for your growth and development. If you regularly self-reflect, you may find yourself wanting to ease up a bit and allow your mind to be free and calm.

I am finding that the best choice for me is toggling between freeing up my mind (serenity) and capturing my thoughts (self-reflection) as I feel inspired either way. Here are three ways I am freeing up my mind and five questions I am asking myself to reflect:

Three way to have serenity:

  1. Close my eyes and breathe
  2. Connect with nature
  3. Express appreciation

Five questions for self-reflection:

  1. How am I growing and stretching myself right now?
  2. Am I striking the right balance between support and direction?
  3. What am I noticing about how people are showing up during this time?
  4. How am I taking care of myself?
  5. In what ways have I reached out to my support network?

We all are reacting to this time in different ways. There are days when you may be overwhelmed and others when you have true clarity. You probably have moments of despair and moments of joy. Some people are surprising us, others may be disappointing us. We may be surprising and disappointing ourselves. No matter where we are, serenity and self-reflection can help us to get through.

How are you coping?
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