“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
~Helen Keller

I’ve seen too many clients give up a dream before they even begin to pursue it. Too many friends and colleagues who hunker down in fear rather than stepping out into the fray to stand for what they believe in or what they want most. I’ve seen myself step back from taking the plunge to avoid danger, real or imagined. In all these situations, I’ve seen nothing gained and so much opportunity lost.

I think of Helen Keller – if there is a person who embodies making life a daring adventure, it is she. Sometimes when I walk I close my eyes to experience the absolute trust of not seeing where I’m going. I try to imagine myself cut off from the world in sight and sound, and my own dangers seem less real and less scary. I can learn from Helen’s choice to jump in, to expose herself in order to experience, to make life a daring adventure.

Those people I invariably admire most are the ones that jump into a situation to experience it to its fullest. They’re the ones with a zest for life and for reaching for their dreams. There is so much potentially lost when we hold back, and so much to be gained when we jump in.

Don’t hold back. Determine what you want and go for it. Involve yourself in every moment of every day to experience your life to its fullest.

Where are you avoiding danger? Where and how can you jump into the adventure of life?
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