A client emailed me recently. We had just launched her coaching program, with a 360° feedback assessment that had affected her deeply. Her feedback wasn’t harsh; not at all. But her feedback echoed of her need to slow down and connect more with others.

My client took the feedback to heart, and set intentions to alter her behavior and to reach out to everyone who had given her feedback in the assessment to dig deeper into what she was doing that was working, as well as what she was doing that was getting in the way. Her colleagues were generous in what they shared with her. My client was touched and fueled to keep making adjustments that could strengthen her leadership.

But there was more. Because a few weeks after we met, my client sent me the following email:

“You have inspired me to focus on breathing, smiling, saying hello, and eating with other humans.

I realize now these simple acts can bring significant change.”

They are simple acts. They can – and do – bring significant change.

I coach my clients through crises at work. I coach my clients to deepen their relationships and increase their influence. I coach my clients to delegate more, manage change more effectively, and develop their direct reports.

But when I coach my clients on the “simple” things like smiling, connecting with others, getting rest and exercise, and taking deep breaths and being present, my clients are always amazed at their results.

“I feel better,” they tell me. “I think more clearly,” they elaborate. “I’ve got a better relationship with my boss/direct reports/peers,” they say.

It is very simple to stop and take the time to breathe and say hello to people around us, but we often get caught up in “everything we have to do” and forget that probably the most important thing we have to do is to be human, be healthy, and build relationships to better our lives (and make our work easier and more enjoyable).

When we pause. When we reflect. When we strengthen our relationships with the people who matter to us – these simple acts can bring about significant change.

What are the simple things you’ve done that have made significant change?
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