“One should always be a little improbable.”
~Oscar Wilde

The other day my husband told me I was stuck in a rut. “You always order the same food at this restaurant,” he complained. “You need to live a little, try a few different things.”

He’s right, in some ways. I can get stuck in a rut. I can stick with the same food (at least then I know I’ll like what I get), or the same exercise routines (which, as articles point out, bring me less rewards because my muscles get used to the workout), or the same path when I walk to a usual location. And sometimes ruts are useful and good – because then we do know we’ll like what we get, or others know what they can expect of us. However, a bit of improbability can be a great thing.

Oscar Wilde has a point in his quote – because improbability offers us the opportunity to try food that’s even better and to act in ways that are even more successful. Improbability also yields more varied experiences, new perspectives, potentially new friends and colleagues that we wouldn’t have met if we stuck with the rut we knew.

It can be scary to try a new approach to a work situation, or a new way of engaging with a person who drives us crazy…or a new menu item in a restaurant. But the rewards of the variety and understanding these new adventures bring us give us a chance to live a little…and grow a lot.

Where are you stuck in a rut? Try something new.

Where would it serve you to be a bit more improbable?
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