“Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life and repeat to yourself the most comforting words of all: ‘This, too, shall pass.'”
~Ann Landers

My back hurts.

It’s of my own making. I did an exercise that even as I did it, I knew better. I was working out with my daughter, and I’m hard pressed to not step fully into any exercise she suggested. I shouldn’t have done it, and now my back hurts.

But it will pass.

That is the truth of nearly all, if not all, of the challenges I face. They pass. When I’m in the midst of them that might be hard to remember. As I struggle to find a comfortable way to sit, or stand, or walk, or lie, I get frustrated. And my back hurts. But it will pass.

It’s comforting to remember that my trouble will pass. It eases my frustration and anguish, even if it doesn’t ease my back pain.

The pain will pass. The awkwardness in a relationship will pass. The intensity of a work deadline will pass. The terrible two’s of a child, the distant teen years, the anger of the moment – these all will pass.

I remind my clients of this as well, as they struggle with their struggles. I remind them to remind themselves that it will pass. The darkest of nights will pass. The hardest of times will pass. The insurmountable and un-understandable and even the devastating – it all will pass.

This too shall pass.

How do you remember that the toughest of times will pass?
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