“Set wide the window. Let me drink the day.”
~Edith Wharton

Each day is a gift. Sometimes I remember that. Sometimes I don’t. And when I do, I drink in the day and I am full and joyful and fully engaged in life.

And when I don’t, I miss so much.

How can we remember to set wide the window? How can we remember to drink in the day? How can we remember to choose a full life and fully living each moment and each experience?

It’s different for each of us, I suppose. I have trained myself to pause more often and focus on being where I am. Feeling my feet on the ground, my body sitting in my chair. I have trained myself to look around and intentionally notice what I see – the beauty around me, the sunshine and flowers, the trees against the sky.

I have clients who have put reminders on sticky notes on their computer or their desk. “Pay attention” one client’s note says. “See” another client’s note says. I have clients who wear a special piece of jewelry that reminds them to pay attention, or who have scheduled a reminder on their phone to periodically prompt them to be more present. I have clients who have placed a special photo on the wall, or on their desk.

There are a myriad of ways to practice paying attention and drinking in the day – the good, the bad, the beauty, the challenges. They’re all there for our taking, if we only set wide our window and begin to drink.

How have you learned to stay present and “drink in the day?”
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