“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”
~Annie Dillard

When we talk about Thoughtful Leadership, we talk about being present, intentional, and authentic. About being “in choice,” as we refer to it in the coaching world. About choosing how we will see the world, engage with the world, and be in the world.

In other words, choosing, as much as possible, how we spend our days.

Are we doing something that we enjoy? Does our work fulfill us? Are we with people we like being with?

If we are “stuck” with people or situations that are difficult for us, are we finding ways to give ourselves a little lightness or ease? Are we looking for reasons to laugh, or at least smile? Are we searching out things that will soothe our souls, and rest our minds?

Our days add up to be our lives. Therefore how we spend our days – what we do and think about and talk about and dream about – is how we spend our lives.

And we have a choice. Even when it feels as if we don’t. Even when it feels like we’re stuck with what we’re stuck with, we can try and find something that’s a little bit lighter, a little bit easier. We can choose to notice the sunshine and a stranger’s smile. We can look for ways to spend time doing something we love, something that matters to us. We can write, work, sing, play, laugh, read…or at least appreciate the breaths we take and the beauty around us.

We at least have a choice about how we spend our days, and we have a choice about how we spend our lives. Wouldn’t you rather be in choice?

How do spend your days, to spend your life?
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