“No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.”

I recently was lucky enough to visit Madrid and Toledo, Spain. I ate a lot of Iberico ham and Manchego cheese. I drank a lot of wine. And I saw a lot of art.

We spent an afternoon in the Prado, and an afternoon in the Reina Sofia, and a long time staring at a famous El Greco painting in a tiny church in Toledo. Staring and staring and staring.

I saw masterpieces.

When I gaze on art like this, my mind keeps questioning “how long did the artist work on this, and how did he (unfortunately it was usually a “he”) know he was done?” Needless to say, I don’t think the artists who end up in these museums were lazy artists.

The same thing can be said of anyone creating anything. Of a writer. A dancer. A musician.

The same thing can be said of all of us, as we approach any task. Leading our team. Taking on a project. Doing that thing for ourselves (or others) that we’ve been talking about doing for a while now.

No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist. Is it worth it to me – to you – to not be lazy and to create a masterpiece?

Where can you put in a bit more effort…and create a masterpiece?
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