Many of us had our first real blast of winter last week as a blizzard cut across the south, mid-Atlantic and northeast. During my commute after the storm, I listened to people talking about what they did during the blizzard – camping out at home, having a pajama party with their kids, marathon tv watching, or braving the elements to get to work.

Events like blizzards, while disruptive and dangerous, give us an opportunity to reset our priorities for the day and allow ourselves to make choices we may not normally allow ourselves to make.

Our post, The leadership lessons of a snowstorm, shares ways to take advantage of that opportunity and appreciate the forced break in our normal routines.

For me, this blizzard was a chance to reconfirm and honor things that I stand for. We had a client engagement scheduled the day of the blizzard and many people thought we were crazy for not cancelling the program. As it became clear that the storm would be a big one, we had a choice to make – go or no go?

Our business philosophy, or brand if you will, is all about a focus on the client. Our clients know us as reliable, dependable, and client service-centric. So, for us, the choice was clear. Prepare, travel safely, and be there for our client. We rose early, trudged over snowbanks, patiently waited for trains in a struggling public transit system, and eventually made it to the retreat – along with almost every participant. After spending the day with a dedicated group of Board members, we slowly made our way home and everyone made it back safely too. I arrived home tired and happy to get warm and cozy. And glad that, staying true to our business values, we have a very happy client.

What values and priorities did you put first during the storm?
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