“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents, and I lay them both at His feet.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

This one is hard for most people – to see our faults and missteps as blessings. How can that be?

I do know that the things about myself that I like the least are often the things from which I learn and grow the most, when I finally accept them. And I’ve often come to see the blessing within, when I let go of self-judgment and blame.

I’ve seen this same truth in the lives of my clients (and colleagues, family, and friends). From my outside perspective, as I watch those I know push against what they truly can’t stand about themselves, I can easily see the blessing within. I can see how those imperfections and failures make up the whole picture of the person – a person and a picture that I usually wouldn’t change even if I could. I can see the positives that come from every flaw and the learning that comes from every mistake.

Many of us live as “recovering perfectionists,” much more easily accepting imperfections and failures in those around us. Being willing to give them a break while we judge ourselves mercilessly. I wish I could accept this about myself, lay it down, and see the blessing. Maybe this week I will.

Accept yourself. See the blessing in the imperfections and failures. Let them teach you and help you be your best.

What imperfection or failure could you see as a blessing? How can you do that today?
Let us know.

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