This is the time of year when I can get really distracted. After being cooped up during the winter (and this was a long one in New York this year!), I want to be outdoors and focused on spring and summer fun. Today I’m sitting at my desk knowing there are many things on my to-do list, yet I keep glancing out the window, looking at the sunshine and feeling drawn to the warmth and fresh air.

Many of us have the springtime tug that causes us to lose focus. Here are a few ideas I have found for answering the springtime call and still getting my work done:

Bring a little springtime indoors – Open the windows (if you can) to let in the breeze and hear the sounds of spring. Have vases of tulips, daffodils or other spring blooms or a flowering plant near your desk to brighten your office. Update your friend and family photos with warm-weather activities and events.

Take breaks – Rather than push through long stretches of work at your desk, get up and take more frequent breaks. Get your legs moving and breathe!

Get outside and soak in the sun – And while you’re on your break, head outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Grab your afternoon coffee from the barista down the street rather than the cafeteria in your building. Go out for lunch instead of eating at your desk.

Work outdoors – Take it one step further and take your work outside. Have a walking one-on-one meeting with your colleague, have your team meeting al fresco, or grab your laptop and finish writing that report in the park.

Chunk your time – When you are feeling unfocused or distracted, blocking out small chunks of time to care for the things that are on your mind can be helpful. If you are yearning to make headway on your vacation planning, block out a half hour during your day to devote to that. And if a project deadline is looming, schedule in an hour or two over the next several days for the uninterrupted work time you need to complete it. Having these time blocks on your calendar will allow you to focus on the immediate tasks at hand and reduce undue stress and distraction.

Reward yourself – What is your favorite springtime pastime or treat? Be sure to celebrate your hard work and accomplishments by rewarding yourself with a trip to the park, a cup of that delicious ice cream, or the first game of catch with your special little one.

Spring is my favorite time of year – and it goes by quickly. So I plan to make the most of it.
How do you answer the call of Spring?

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