I’ll admit that many of my best ideas are born during my yoga practice. I wish I could admit that I was so mindful and focused during my yoga practice that I didn’t birth great ideas, or grab onto a great thought offered by my yoga teacher and repeat it in my mind endlessly throughout the practice so as not to forget it, but unfortunately I can’t admit that.

The good news is that I hear inspiration, and I can share that inspiration.

A few days ago the instructor challenged us to be fearless in the New Year. I took that to heart. I think it’s a mantra, an approach, that many of us could use.

So often fear holds us back. Fear of messing up. Fear of missing out. Fear of not being absolutely correct and flawless. It’s time to push forward despite our fears. To thoughtfully move forward towards our desires and goals, towards living our best lives and leading as our best selves.

What would you do if you were fearless? How would you lead? How would your interactions at work be different? At home? How can we incorporate the safety warnings and appropriate caution our fears may offer us, and still take actions that will propel us further?

These are the questions I think we need to ask ourselves as the new year begins. These are the questions I know I need to ask myself, and to offer to my clients.

Will approaching work fearlessly cause you to speak up more in meetings, or with your boss? To offer your perspective and ideas? Or will your fearless approach propel you to reach out to others more, to gather more input and constructive criticism on your pet project? Is there something you’ve longed to tackle, and fearlessness will make you take the first step? Is there a language or skill you want to learn, a truth that needs to be shared with those closest to you?

For me, I will work to be more fearless in my work and my life…and even in my yoga practice. What about you? Do you have a yoga practice – or any other practice – in which you can take more risks? Do you long to fearlessly stand on your head, actually or metaphorically?

It’s always an opportunity to be more fearless…and Thoughtful. The new year is as good an excuse as any.

Here’s to a Thoughtful and Fearless New Year!

How are you fearless? How could you be more fearless?
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