As the holiday season kicks into full gear, we turn our attention toward Thanksgiving and the opportunity to take stock of all of the things we are grateful for. However, in order for our thanksgiving to really have an impact, expressing our thanks and taking action to acknowledge the greatness in our lives should not be a one-day event. Why not make Thanksgiving a year-round leadership practice and reap greater benefits? We can do that by:

T – Taking a moment every day to write down what is great about your life – your strengths, the things that make you happy, positive experiences you have had, and ways in which you have made a positive difference.

H – Helping a colleague who could benefit from your expertise, your ideas, or just an extra pair of hands.

A – Acknowledging those who often don’t receive recognition – the folks who work at the reception desk, clean your office, answer your IT questions, and deliver the mail, for example.

N – Never giving up on your dreams and values, as well as those of the people around you. As life goes on and we get busy, it’s easy to lose sight of big goals and the things we hold dear. In contrast, sharing and acknowledging what is most important to you and to others makes anything possible.

KKeeping it up throughout the year and encouraging others to do the same – look for ways to create a groundswell of gratitude and acknowledgment in your workplace. Schedule time for it if you have to and make it a team sport. Do whatever it takes to create an appreciative culture.

S – Saying “Thank you” as often as you can and as genuinely as you can.

How are you making the spirit of Thanksgiving last all year?
Let us know.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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