We all like to think we’re doing our best and making our best impressions, especially on our boss (or our boss’s boss). This is one good impression worth making.

But, in reality, there are simple, seemingly innocuous, things we might do – that we sometimes inadvertently do – that can backfire on us. Even with the best intentions.

I came upon this Inc.com blog post, 10 Ways to Tick Off Your Boss Without Even Knowing It by Jay Steinfeld, the CEO of Blinds.com. It’s an important read. Steinfeld points out that if I’m:

  • So sure I’m supposed to know everything that I say I do know something even if I don’t
  • Arriving even five minutes late to meetings
  • Not invested in my own personal and professional growth – and making it happen
  • Doing what I’m told, even if I disagree

then I’m most likely ticking my boss off.

I couldn’t agree more with his thoughts.

In addition, I’ve seen my clients unintentionally tick off their bosses by:

  • Agreeing to an idea that they don’t fully understand
  • Saying “yes” in the leadership meeting and “I don’t really believe in this but…” to their staff
  • Building an “us vs. them” culture in any way – us against leadership, us against sales, us against the home office, us against legal…you get the idea
  • Taking credit for ideas and efforts that aren’t really theirs (in other words, to really look great to your boss, let your direct reports shine even more than you do in front of your boss)
  • Focusing so much on not ticking off their boss that they neglect to think strategically, handle issues, strengthen and support their team, etc.

Managing impressions is always important. And managing your boss’s impression of you (and your boss’s boss’s impression of you) is crucial. There are simple missteps to avoid to keep you moving in the right direction.

How have you learned to not tick off your boss? How do you thrill your boss?
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