Follow your sun

Follow your sun
“The flower that follows the sun does so even on cloudy days.”
~Robert Leighton

You know those people that always seem to be perpetually happy? Always in a good mood? Always finding something nice to say about someone or something? Always smiling and cheering others on?

These perpetually happy people seem to drive some other people crazy, and yet, their happiness can be infectious. Even on cloudy days. Even in tough situations and challenging circumstances, they maintain their sunny disposition and outlook on life.

It can be a challenge for the rest of us to maintain a perpetually happy outlook. It may seem down right impossible for some of us. And yet a positive outlook – an attempt to follow the sun, even on cloudy days – can make the difference in so many ways. Our days seem better when we’re in a good mood. Work seems easier, teams get along better, life is more fun.

A flower that follows the sun does so on sunny days – that’s easy. But the flower also seeks out and follows the sun on cloudy days, when the location of the sun is less apparent. How can we follow our sun, whatever that may be, when it takes a bit more work and dedication? How can we stay in a good mood that will infect others? How can we follow the sun on cloudy days?

How do you follow your sun?
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What People Are Saying

Bryce Smith   |   09 October 2014

I make the conscious decision to be happy despite everyone else’s misery every split second of every minute of every hour of every day. Sometimes it’s hard and I fail. I then choose to be happy despite my failure. “To be or not to be? That is the (only) question.” Why give yourself a heart attack yelling and kicking a flat tire like a lunatic? Do you really think anyone will stop to help someone who appears to be crazy? Change the tire calmly and get on with your day. And remember, a crisis in your reality does not constitute a crisis in my reality. Ask nicely for what you want and you might just get it. Simply because you demand something does not guarantee anything except opposition. Be happy!

Lisa Kohn   |   10 October 2014

Thanks for your thoughts Bryce. It is always a choice, and sometimes a challenge to remember that.