For those of us who actually took vacation this summer, the first few weeks of September can be tough as we leave the sun and fun behind, pack away the beach gear, and get fully back into work mode. Fast Company writer Lisa Evans interviewed me to get my thoughts on how to make the transition back to work a little easier.

My recommendations focused on four key actions:

  • Plan – Ease back into work by planning your transition and determining what you will focus on in your first few days back. Before you leave for vacation, be sure to delegate as much as you can and ask colleagues to represent you in important meetings and decisions. The more you can rely on trusted colleagues and team members to handle your work while you’re away, the more you can truly disconnect and enjoy your vacation time.
  • Re-connect – When you return to the office, take time to touch base with those who covered for you and be sure to thank them. Don’t forget to ask others about their vacations and show a genuine interest in hearing about their experiences. Another way to re-connect is to find what excites you, as I mention in the Fast Company article.
  • Pace – Meetings and email can easily overwhelm us after time away. Blocking out time on your calendar to catch up, taking regular breaks, and being selective about what meetings you attend will help to pace your transition back to work and avoid sapping all the great energy you gained from your vacation. I shared with Lisa Evans a few ideas on how to do that.
  • Savor – Hold onto and enjoy the memories of your vacation – And start planning your next one!

In what ways do you make the transition from vacation to work easier on you?
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