“When it gets dark enough, you can see the stars.”
~Charles A. Beard

Life has a way of throwing darkness at us. There are moments that seem so dismal and tough – pitch black, no way out, can’t even see where we’re going.

I’ve found these moments to be the times when the stars come out, if I’m able to look for them. I’ve been blessed to watch my clients find the bit of light or the ray of hope when they were most in despair. Usually all it takes is a willingness to open our eyes (instead of keeping them clenched in a fight or flight attitude) and to look up to the literal or figurative sky.

These moments of pitch blackness might be the times in my life when I feel that so much has been taken from me – and I begin to see the little things that are still mine. Stars are very, very far away, and here on earth they appear to only be small points of light. There are, invariably, small points of light in my life, if I’m willing and able to acknowledge them. It might only be an opportunity to sit and rest in a day of chaos; it might be a shared laugh or smile with a colleague or stranger; it might be the shining sun peeking out on a cloudy day; it might be the coziness of my Ugg slippers. All of these points of light in my day, these stars, are there when things are at their blackest. It’s simply up to me to look for them.

Look for the stars and bask in their light.

Where are the stars that you have not noticed?
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