“If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.”
~Joseph Campbell

Recently a client was discussing her upcoming choice between two new jobs. The discussion seemed like a cost-benefit analysis – all head and very little heart. “I should do this,” she said. “This makes the most sense. I really love that idea, but it’s probably not smart.” Now while the more “sensible” option may be the right one for her to pursue, it struck me how quickly we follow what seems “right” rather than what seems wonderful.

Too often we are ruled by our head – by what we “should” do or what others expect of us. How wonderful it feels when we follow our bliss. When we take the action or pursue the idea that truly brings us joy – deep down joy from the bottom of our souls and the soles of our feet. As children, we seek out those things that bring us bliss, and yet we have learned not to trust that inner instinct. In life and in business it is often the blissful choice that leaves us inspired, effective, and propelled forward. And by pursuing our dreams or trusting our instinct we often find that things go more smoothly, work better, and yield greater results.

What truly brings you bliss? How can you follow it more fully? Make a decision to commit to bliss this week – identify one thing you could do that will bring you bliss, and do it.

How can you follow your bliss?
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