“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

A neighbor stopped me the other day to complain about construction vehicles traveling through the area. She was concerned about the noise and safety of such large trucks going past her house. “Someone should get a neighborhood association started so that we can have a stronger voice,” she said. I agreed. We talked about the weather and then continued on our ways.

Whenever we hear the question, “Whose responsibility is it to do something here?” we answer, “Yours. And yours. And yours.” It’s human nature to think “someone should really do something about that,” but the truth is, we can’t count on anyone else to do something – we can only count on ourselves. The responsibility lies with each one of us to take the action, make the difference, be the first one to take a stand and act on our beliefs. If we want to see a better world, we can ask ourselves what we are doing to help that world come about. If we want a relationship to be better, we can be the first one to act in a way to make it better. If we want things to be different at work or at home, we can take the first step to making it different. We can be and bring about the change that we desire.

What is the greatest change you long to see, and what can you do today to help make that change happen?

Choose one small, specific thing that you want to change about how you live your life and make that change. And then celebrate and revel in your change.

What change do you want to see?
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