“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

It almost feels as if there’s nothing I can add to this quote. I had to read it a few times myself for all of the weight of it to sink in.

What if we were to live as if we were to die tomorrow? What would we do? What would we say? How would we spend our time and who with? I know for me that thought makes me want to stop mid-sentence and tell everyone I love that I love them. It makes me want to choose something to do in the next moment that will really add value (as hopefully this Thoughtful Leaders™ Minute will). It makes me want to live at risk and go for my dreams. It makes me thoughtful and more intentional – and aware of the beauty in the world around me and all that I can enjoy.

And what if we were to learn as if we were going to live forever? That makes me want to open my mind further and deeper. To invite ideas and opinions that differ from mine. To notice things I haven’t noticed and engage my brain more than I have. There is always more to learn, but so often I close myself off to it because I’m too busy (doing things with my day that might not matter if I were to die tomorrow).

I want to always learn. To always love. And to always live. For today (and maybe tomorrow) I will live as if it’s my last day, and learn as if I’m here forever. Want to join me?

Live. Learn.

What would you do if it were your last day? What would you learn if you had more lifetimes to learn?
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