“You can look at life as if nothing is a miracle, or as if everything is a miracle.”
~Albert Einstein

Life is full of miracles…if you choose to see them. Life itself is a miracle, and it is again a choice whether you allow yourself to see things this way.

When we allow ourselves to see miracles in everything, we allow ourselves more joy and freedom. We bring a greater smile to our face and more bounce to our step. Those we share our work and life with seem more special, our work seems more inspiring, our days seem more fulfilling. It’s all based on our perspective…and our choice.

We always have a choice on how we view what’s in front of us – and by choosing to see all we can see in as positive a light as possible, we somehow make all we can see better. I have learned along the way that what we choose to see, we get more of. When I see what’s working in my life, I get more of what’s working in my life. When I see what’s good in others, I get more of what’s good in others. When I choose to see miracles, I get more miracles.

A colleague recently shared this with me. He had long disagreed, in fact argued with me, when I advised him to see miracles. Then he called me one day to share how his coworker had been simply driving him crazy, but when he forced himself to focus on the ways that his coworker helped him (instead of the ways he was being driven crazy), somehow, to his disbelief, it seemed as if the coworker had turned over a new leaf or gotten a new personality…because the annoying behaviors all but disappeared.

It is our choice. It is always our choice. We can choose to see the miracles in our life whenever we want.

Where are the miracles in your life? How can you see more?

Find the person or the situation that currently creates the most angst for you, and find the miracle hidden there.

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