I always knew it felt better to feel better, and I’m happy to say that there is research that shows that it not only feels better, it is better.

In his TED speech from over a year ago, The happy secret to better work, Shawn Achor shares that we really can be more effective and productive if and when we choose to be happy first. He offers that “it’s not reality that shapes us, but the lens through which our brains view the world that shapes our reality.” That we truly have a choice at how happy we are, and that how happy we choose to be influences how successful we can be in life, learning, and business.

Achor discusses the “happiness advantage” a brain experiences when a person’s level of positivity increases. A brain preforms significantly better when it is positive than when it is negative, neutral, or stressed.

All of this inspires me to get happier – and to coach my clients to find greater happiness as well. It reminds me of our blog post from last Thanksgiving – I don’t have to be grateful after today…do I? And, the best news is that Achor shares five easy tasks we can perform on a daily basis that enhance our positivity and happiness. And increase our results.

Bobby Ferrin knew what he was saying when he sang, “Don’t worry. Be happy.” And Shawn Achor gives us practical reasons and ways to do that. Over two million people have watched his TED speech. Join them and watch it now. Then make your commitment to find a reason to be happy.

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