“We could hardly wait to get up in the morning.”
~Wilbur Wright

When was the last time you were so excited by what you were doing that you could hardly wait to get up in the morning? What a concept – to love your work and your life so much that you want to jump into them as quickly as you can.

This does exist for some, and it could exist for more of us…if we’re willing. As a coach I get to challenge my clients (as I challenge myself) to either find the work and life that excite them this much, or to find the way to become this excited about the work and life they have.

No matter what you’re facing, it is always possible to turn your situation around, or at least shift or reframe your perspective on your situation to make it more palatable and even exciting. This is a challenge, and it can seem daunting and impossible, but by fully committing to a new way of thinking about your situation, you can discover the places where the excitement and aliveness lives.

It is a gift, a blessing, to be able to be so excited about what’s in front of you that you can hardly wait to jump into it. A great way to build this excitement is to sift through what you currently have and find the aspects that do excite you – and then to work with them, nurture them, focus on them, and strengthen them…until you can hardly wait to get up in the morning.

Look for and follow your excitement – and get help from someone else if you’re too close to identify what is truly exciting to you.

What about your work and life truly excites you? How can you create that “can’t wait to get up in the morning” feeling?
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