“You don’t have to suffer continual chaos in order to grow.”
~John C. Lilly

We have been taught since we were young, “No pain, no gain.” I no longer adhere to that approach.

The world is filled with organisms that grow without pain and chaos. People grow, cities grow, businesses grow, flowers grow – all, at times, without chaos and pain. The world shows us that it is entirely possible, and yet when I share this concept with my clients, they find it enlightening.

We are so accustomed to constant flux and chaos in our daily lives – putting out “fires” at work as we brace for the next crisis, cramming 10 hours of meetings into an already full day, staying connected with email, cell phone, IM, and text, multi-tasking and running from chore to chore as we struggle to get everything done for everyone who depends on us. It simply becomes what we know and what is “normal.”

It is, however, possible to live without chaos. To grow and stretch without pain. It actually can be a choice. It is possible to grow a business, a division, or a relationship without continual disorder and confusion. We’re just so used to the chaotic way that we unknowingly choose it.

When I get most stuck in chaos, I often remember to stop and challenge myself to find a different way to view the situation – a way without the pandemonium and pain. To examine the “story” I’m telling myself about what’s going on and see if there’s a different story that does not continue the confusion around and within me. When my clients are stuck I share these approaches with them, and they often find a way towards growth without continual chaos.

Find where life feels most chaotic and choose a different perspective or approach. If you’re really stuck, find someone to help you see things differently.

Where are you stuck in chaos as you grow? How could you continue to embrace the growth, but release the chaos?
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