Wow. That’s all I have to say. Someone I care about was kind enough to forward this TED video to me, and I have to share it with everyone I know. It’s just under 10 minutes long, and I promise you, it will be an absolutely inspiring 10 minutes – and so worth your time.

The next time you feel stuck, like your problems are insurmountable, like you just have to give up – think back to these 10 minutes and push off your borders and live beyond your limits. I believe our limits are often largely self-imposed, even when they feel like they’ve come from outside. Leadership is truly living beyond our borders and choosing the way we move through life.

Give this video 10 minutes – they made me laugh and cry. Listen to what Amy Purdy has to say, and then live your dreams and make a difference in the world!

How have you gotten unstuck and made a difference in the world?
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