What’s the gift in this?

What’s the gift in this?
“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.”
~Richard Bach

As much as I’d sometimes rather complain about my circumstances or the cards I’ve been dealt, I’ve come to realize that each stumbling block and challenge in my life really can be viewed as an opportunity. Each of my darkest moments has brought me something. I look back at some of my bleakest, most difficult times and can now see the gifts that I’ve received.

I’ve known many people who have been fired from a job and felt they had reached a low point in their career. But time and again, these same people later viewed that firing as a “blessing in disguise.” They get an even better job, or sometimes launch a new career from their disaster.

I’ve had setbacks in my life (or at least in my mind) both personally and professionally – and I can now see what I’ve gained from each situation and how I’m better for where I’ve been and what I’ve been through. The “horrendous boss” who helped motivate me to launch my own business. The “unsupportive colleague” who taught me how to stand on my own and how to support others more fully. The “disappearing family member” who taught me how much family matters and how I want to show up for the people who matter to me. All of these have given me knowledge, insight, experience, compassion, and more – all of these have given me a gift.

What is the gift for you in a problem that is before you? Stop yourself next time you launch into complaints, blame, or self-pity and search for the gift in the situation.

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