That glowing Check Engine light. The piles of junk mail on your dining room table. The friend who calls you weekly to complain about her life. The colleague who interrupts you, even when your door is closed. The manager who can’t seem to find anything good about what you do. The direct report who incessantly misses deadlines (but always with “good reason.”) What do these things have in common? If any or all of them are a part of your life, they are tolerations – those distracting, annoying occurrences that frustrate you and sap your energy.

Each taken separately may seem minor and inconsequential. However when you look at the myriad of things you are tolerating, they can add up to a great deal of stress weighing on you. Identifying, addressing, and eliminating tolerations in your life is an exercise that we often use in our coaching. The Tolerations worksheet, What Am I Tolerating?, is a great tool for doing just that whether you complete it on your own or as part of a coaching relationship. In fact, it’s something we use in our own lives to keep tolerations at bay.

We invite you to click here and ask yourself: What am I tolerating? The answers may surprise you – and inspire you to finally do something.

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