How do you walk the talk?

How do you walk the talk?

I try to show up as intentionally in my work and life as I recommend my clients do. To “practice what I preach.” To “put my money where my mouth is.” And a myriad of other sayings. I think it’s important to do my best to walk the talk.

What does walking the talk mean to me? Here are the eight principles I live by:

  1. It means that I do my best in every moment – it might not always be good enough, but I can feel satisfied when it’s truly the best I can do.
  2. It means that I work to have compassion (for myself and others, especially the others that drive me crazy).
  3. It means I live as thoughtfully and intentionally as I can – thinking through why I’m doing what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, and what results I’m wanting and needing…and correcting my course when I’m off.
  4. It means that I try and laugh at myself and not others, to find the lightness in life, and to be more forgiving.
  5. It means I catch people doing things right and thank them, and that I offer the tough feedback when I have to.
  6. It means that I try and see things from other’s perspectives and treat them as they’d want to be treated (not necessarily how I’d want to be treated if I were them).
  7. It means that I try and say what I mean, and not say it mean…and to not take myself and life too seriously.
  8. To try and leave the day a bit better because I was there, and to enjoy the moments of the day that could pass me by if I’m not paying attention.

To walk the talk. How do you do it? And how does it work for you? Please leave a comment.

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Rev. Obadiah Kisonga   |   09 May 2014

To walk the talk is the only way of getting developed. If everyone of us could walk the talk, families, communities and developing countries will be changed rapidly. I beg politicians, leaders and preachers like me to walk their talks.

Robyn McLeod   |   12 May 2014

Thank you for your comment! Yes, walking the talk promotes change and inspires others to do the same. Sounds like you are setting a great example for your fellow community leaders.