I’m surrounded by heroes, and I’m in awe.

From my dear college friend who is not only battling cancer, but also battling it strongly and with more humor and love than imaginable – we call her to “cheer her up” and she’s always the one to make us laugh with her anecdotes. To my client who has lost more than 120 pounds to date…and is still going. I informed her that she had already lost “more than me” and she laughed as she told me how she was training for her first triathlon. To Anthony Robles, whom I don’t know personally – yet he astounds me. He was born with only one leg and just won the NCAA wrestling championship. There are heroes all around.

Which makes me wonder – what would it take for me to be a hero? How could I be a hero, and for whom could I be a hero? I watch each of these people, amazing in their own ways, and find myself challenging myself to be a better me – to make the most of an unbelievably tough situation, to exceed even my own expectations for myself, to set my goals and let nothing get in my way, and to have more and more compassion for others around me. There are so many ways to be a hero every day – it’s merely a choice I can make minute-by-minute and circumstance-by-circumstance. I hope to learn from my heroes, and to become some sort of hero myself.

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