“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”
~Louisa May Alcott

The storms around me (and inside of me) used to throw me. I was afraid that I would lose my course, sink my ship, and possibly take others out with me on the way. I felt I simply didn’t know well enough how to sail my ship and weather the bad weather.

I’ve noticed the same reaction in those around me – those I coach, those I work with, and those I live with. And I’ve noticed a very interesting thing. I’ve noticed that those I observe, from my point of view, often actually do know how to sail their ships through the storms of their life – the disagreements, the disappointments, the real and imagined things that terrify them. What they don’t know how to do, so often, is believe in their ability to sail their ship.

If we already know how to sail, but don’t believe we do, then the challenge, is to learn to know our abilities. I’ve coached my clients to look deep at themselves and what they’re capable of, to really study whether or not they do know how to sail through the storm they are facing. If they don’t, we determine ways for them to learn the skills they need…and if they do, we determine ways for them to have confidence in their abilities to face bad weather and stay on course to their destination. Either way, they’ve learned to arrive at their goals, usually completely intact, and to no longer fear the storms and issues along the way. They’ve learned to believe in themselves, which is often the most essential first step.

Learn what you need to in order to continue to move forward. Then believe in your ability to do so.

Where are you afraid of “storms?” Do you need to learn to “sail” better, or simply to believe you know how to “sail?”
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