“Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

As a coach I am so often honored with the opportunity to see people at their best, and their worst. Their most confident and their least sure. And, in ways, nothing makes this clearer to me than the hesitation so many of us feel to give of ourselves.

While there are certainly many individuals who think the highest of themselves, it is more often my experience that most people tend to doubt themselves and wonder if they’re “good enough” and if what they have to offer is worthwhile enough to add value. I’ve seen clients question whether they should share their knowledge, their expertise, or their opinion, and often with the off-handed remark, “well, what difference would it make anyway?” I’ve heard clients hem and haw and hang on the side of conversations – and leadership team discussions – because they aren’t sure if their ideas will add value. I’ve witnessed so many people hold back from getting involved in a variety of situations because they weren’t sure how they could make a difference. And I’ve witnessed the gloriousness when someone jumps into a situation, a conversation, or a discussion to share all they have to share – and the appreciation that so often comes back to them.

I firmly believe that we are, in many ways, a society of self-doubters. I also firmly believe that it’s time for us to plow forward and give of all of what we have. Share our thoughts. Our inspirations. Our ideas. Our passion. Our beliefs. Our generosity. And our kindness. From my experience and observation, what we have to share is most often worth much more than we think it is.

Where are you holding back from giving what you have? How can you jump in and give of yourself? Next time you question whether or not to give…GIVE!!
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