How can I not write about Gratitude this week? Ok, so it’s the day after Thanksgiving, and many of you – definitely not me – are perhaps up at the crack of dawn, or before the crack of dawn, to do monetary damage in numerous stores. But still, we can all take a moment to reflect and to offer Thanks. Just the other day I ran into a friend at the gym. She started talking about how blessed and lucky we all are, and how we so often forget it. So today I’m merely putting out a call to action. A challenge if you will.

If you’re in a good mood, great. If you’re in a bad mood, even better. Stop what you’re doing and make your Gratitude List. See how far you can go. Is it five things? Ten? Twenty? One hundred? Have you stopped to appreciate the fact that the sun comes up every morning? That Thanksgiving was fun, or at least bearable? And if it wasn’t, that it’s over? Have you noticed the people in your life, really noticed them? Can you list at least five things you appreciate about each one of them? My yoga teacher always reminds us to appreciate the fact that we can freely move – my dad had a stroke three years ago and he can’t. I’m lucky that I can. There is so much to be thankful for.

There is a great deal of beauty and wonder in this life. So much we’re surrounded with that we take for granted. So many people we could smile at and connect with – to make it an even better day. So stop for a moment and appreciate – and share that thought with others.

How have you shared gratitude with others?
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